1) Quick
2) Cheap
3) Guranteed

Every customer is given the opportunity to select any two options from the menu above.  We try to offer all three menu item to every customer, but sometimes it's just not possible.  With that in mind, we urge you to carefully consider your selection, to ensure they meet your needs.


For instance: You could select to have your work done Quick and Guaranteed, but it may not be Cheap

Or for instance: You could have your work done Cheap and Quick, but it may not be Guaranteed



Bring Your Own Parts:

You may bring us the parts for any repair work you are requesting, and pay only the labor.  It is possibe that the part you bring might not be the correct part after all, and that is the risk you are taking, and that's on you.  However, if we procure the parts, are they are the wrong ones, then that's on us.  We don't try to gouge your eyes out with parts mark ups.  Sometimes you'll find something increadibky cheap, maybe on sale or closeout.  Generally, we recommend letting us do the shopping for the parts, that way it's right, and you don't end up wasting money you could spend at one of the other incredible businesses down here on Broadway.